All Natural Soap

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All Natural Soap

A Mano Bath is an Italian American, family business located in Panama City, Florida. “A Mano” in Italian means “by hand” and at A Mano Bath, we create the most natural, organic handmade soap just for you, by hand. For generations, our ancestors made all natural soap the old fashioned way with natural animal fats and other natural oils. For decades, making soap was a common practice and an important part of their daily lives. As time passed, manufacturers of bath soap emerged and the mass production of soap began. We know from experience, that many mass produced soaps can dry, irritate and age your skin due to the unnatural and sometimes hidden chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

We, at A Mano Bath use imported, Italian, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil (we like to call it olio) and other USDA certified organic oils and natural ingredients to produce a high quality organic handmade soap that is healthy and natural, and smells great on your skin.

So, Why Our Soap?

  • All of our soap is made from scratch.
  • Big 5 ounce bars!
  • Our soap is well balanced,
    We combine many types of oils to create soap with outstanding properties.
  • All natural and all healthy products.
  • We use only the best ingredients no matter the cost.
  • Carrier oils are all USDA certified organic!
  • Soap boxes are made from 100% recycled fibers.
  • All ingredients are listed, so you can be sure of what you are buying.
  • No unsafe, unnecessary, or hidden ingredients.
  • No dyes, clays, or artificial ingredients of any kind.
  • No animal testing.

Try us out!

Whether you’ve had organic or all natural soap before, or are new to it, all we ask is that you give our all natural soap a try. We’re positive that you’ll notice the difference and absolutely love it.