Garden and Healthy Plant Tips

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Home improvement starts with preparation, and it starts now. Looking out the front window, wouldn’t it be great to see some beautiful flower arrangements, nicely trimmed bushes, and a garden full of fresh vegetables? With Spring hopefully just around the corner, we’d like to share a few tips that can help you improve your garden and home this year.

1. Carefully add organic nutrients to the soil. Although most of these are naturally occurring, adding a little more to the soil can greatly help your plants. Too much, however, can be detrimental and not only harm your plants, but also you. Adding measured amounts of manure and nitrogenous fertilizer are recommended for improving the soil.

2. For those of us who took science, we know how important photosynthesis is for plant health. One of the key cogs in that process is the availability of sunlight. Different plants need different amounts of sunlight. This can be seen in the color of their leaves. If the color is dark green, then the plant is receiving to little sunlight. If they are yellow, the plant’s leaves are being burnt out. Keeping an eye on leaf color and whether the plant receives a certain amount of sun is paramount to the livelihood of your garden and flowers.

3. The last tip involves when and how much to water. It is recommended that gardeners water their plants in the morning or late afternoon. The morning allows for the plants to absorb as much water as they’ll need for that day. Also, check the soil before starting. If it is still damp, then that tells you to wait to water the plants. A significant amount of water is required so that the roots are treated, not just the surface.

We hope these tips for your garden were helpful and that your summer is filled with healthy plants!