Maintaining Your Lawn

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Many people don’t know the history of a lawn but are driven to maintaining it and keeping the curb appeal at its best.  A well maintained lawn was a symbol of aristocracy and showed that the owner could afford to keep their land and wasn’t using it for production.  To this day, lawn maintenance is still a sign of high social class and can instantly create a great or awful first impression.  If you’re not ready for some long work, rolling up your sleeves, and steady and consistent love, then your lawn may not be the best kept in the neighborhood.  Here are some tips and tools for maintaining your lawn:

  • Remove weeds, make sure to pull roots and all with a handheld weeder or hoe.
  • Aerate your lawn, water your lawn one to two days prior to aeration. You can rent or buy an aerator.
  • Mow grass, a healthy lawn is denser and able to resist weeds. Remove ONLY 1/3rd of the top of the grass.  Many people leave their mower too low and can’t shade out the weeds.
  • Watering, water is simple, the general rule is to water heavily when it needs it rather than water light frequently.
  • Fertilizing, adds nutrients to the soil, the most effective way is to spread once or twice a year.

Maintaining your lawn will take some consistency and some weekend hours.  It will also take some specialized items to make your job easier every week.  For lawn and garden accessories check out  for pruners, saw heads, and more.