Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

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Lawn care may seem like a summer activity but there is so much a homeowner can do before the winter months set in that will make summer lawn care so much easier. With only a few simple steps, you can prepare and condition your lawn to survive through the winter months.

1. Fertilize your Lawn
-Use a nitrogen based fertilizer in late September
-Use a phosphorus based fertilizer around Thanksgiving (before the ground freezes) you get some fertilizer from Lutz Corp.

2. Continue to water
-An inch of water should be applied to your yard every 14-21 days
-Discontinue watering after the first freeze of the year

3. Combat Summer Damage
-Use the fall as a time to reseed your lawn and promote growth in the spring months
-Autumn is a great time to move damaged trees so their roots can sink in over winter

4. Mow on a Low setting
-Mowing low will allow you to judge compost levels and add the right amount
-Cut your grass to around an inch in height

5. Rake!
-Once the leaves fall make sure you rake and mow one last time before winter sets in

I hope these five tips will help you have a better lawn come spring and summer time. As you can probably tell these small duties can pay big dividends and allow you to enjoy your lawn more during the spring and summer months.