Variables Involved in the Price of Roofing Work

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Roofing work can be incredibly expensive. Storms and heavy wind can rip shingles off, leaving your house susceptible to further damage if left untreated. Over time your roof may start to wear away and you’ll need a new roof. There are several things to consider beforehand that will help you estimate the cost.

First, think about the shape of your roof. A roof that is flat and straight across has less square footage than a roof that raises in the middle. Simply, the bigger the roof, the more materials you need to cover it. In relation to the shape, a steep roof provides a certain challenge of dealing with safety and the difficulty of applying the materials.

The next thing to consider is the material being used. Asphalt shingles will be less expensive per 10′ x 10′ than metal ones. Materials are going to be where someone can significantly change the bottom line. All of the other costs are generally fixed. You can’t change the size of the house or its roof shape, but choosing a lower cost material can save you money. A metal roof can last fifty or more years, and likely the lifetime of living in that house. Conversely, an asphalt shingle roof typically lasts about twenty years. This cost benefit analysis will then become a personal preference.

One last way to save money involves doing it yourself. This comes with the obvious challenge that you are not a roofer and will have to supply yourself with every material necessary. This means if you do not have a ladder or hammer, those materials have to be bought, which can raise some initial costs. However, you save much more on labor fees that would be incurred later. According to estimations, you save about half the cost it would be to hire a contractor, but requires almost triple the time with no guarantee the job was done correctly.  Information obtained from Keith R. Miller Inc. – a roofing company in Bloomington, Illinois.  You can read about more roofing and remodeling tips at their website if interested in roofing Bloomington IL.