What is a Contractor and why do I need one?

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A contractor in its simplest form is someone with the sole responsibility of watching day-to-day activities and management of vendors and trades for a building project. They are responsible for providing all of the materials, labor and equipment for a construction project. You may need a general contractor for adding another room onto your house, remodeling the basement, or flipping a low price house.

Knowing what a contractor is and what comes with the territory is incredibly important due to past scams and loss of money. Here are a few things to know about why and what you should do when hiring a contractor.

There are no set qualifications to become a contractor. Many employers prefer a degree or other discipline but it’s not required. Because of this, multiple people with construction experience have a great outlet to owning their own business. Be wary, there are hundreds if not thousands of scams daily from said “licensed contractors”. Looking for the best price on a contractor is not always the best option. Making sure to hire a licensed contractor is paramount to the success and time it takes to complete the project. With a licensed contractor you receive some additional protection as the property owner. A licensed contractor has to pass a management test and needs minimum experience.
Also, a licensed contractor can be subjected to a criminal check and can’t have any outstanding complaints. The outstanding complaints are from previous customers and you too have the ability to file one against the license.

A contractor is incredibly important for any big construction jobs. Licensed contractors are covered for a large amount of money, insured, bonded and have the experience to pull off a job no matter what consequences arise. Don’t be fooled by common flyers and business cards saying their rates are the best in town and they are insured, licensed, and bonded. Do your homework, request files, and keep track of all of your contracts and keep everything in writing. If you fall victim to one of the scam contractors, your only defense can be taking action to court.

Do your homework and look for contractors in your local area.